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Railway Police District, Dhaka

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About Railway Police District, Dhaka

Prevention and detection of crime committed against passengers traveling by train and their properties and also maintenance of law and order in the railway premises are the direct responsibilities of the Railway Police working under the control of National Police Headquarters as well as Ministry of Home Affairs. The general duties of the staff and jurisdiction of railway police have been enumerated in the Police Regulation of Bengal 1943.
Railway Police has two ranges, Chittagong Railway Police and Saidpur Railway Police. The force is led by a Deputy Inspector General of Bangladesh Police. The Railway Police, as of 2013, had 1600 personnel.[4] In 2014, the Government of Bangladesh announced plans to expand the railway force.On 11...

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1. Ensure the security of the passengers of Bangladesh Railways along with goods, and maintain safety and security in the yards of the railway stations.

2. Prevention and detection o...


  Make Bangladesh Railways free from all sorts of crimes and criminals.

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Message from SP, Railway Police District, Dhaka

Since its inception Railway Police Dhaka are working dedicatedly to ensure safety and security of the passengers, their properties and the railway tracks and stations of its jurisdiction.

Besides providing security in the railway jurisdiction we also work for raising safety awareness among people living nearby the railways. Throwing stones at moving trains and reckless movement on the rail tracks are some of our major concerns. Through community policing platform we are trying to get closer to the community to make them aware of these avoidable offences that make rail journey frig...

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